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Empowering Futures
Through Education

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Each new ClearDesk client makes a difference in supporting students in the Philippines facing financial hardships

The ClearDesk Cares Program

The ClearDesk Cares scholarship program is dedicated to providing meaningful support to high-achieving university students in the Philippines who face financial limitations. Our objective is to recognize and reward academic achievements while encouraging professional development.


Through this program, ClearDesk offers financial assistance and invaluable opportunities for networking and mentorship, all aimed at empowering the scholarship recipients to thrive and succeed in their chosen careers.

ClearDesk Cares materials (1).png

Breaking Financial Barriers

Empowering Education

Support high-achieving university students in the Philippines who face financial difficulties.

Recognize and foster academic excellence and professional development. 

ClearDesk Cares materials (1).png
ClearDesk Cares materials (1).png

Nurturing Innovation

Building Bridges & Futures

Foster a culture of innovation, creativity, and professional growth among scholarship recipients.

Establish long-term relationships between ClearDesk and the scholars through mentorship and networking opportunities.

ClearDesk Cares materials (1).png

Scholarship Plans & Programs

ClearDesk offers financial assistance, including partial or full tuition fee coverage based on individual student applications and financial need, while also providing mentorship and guidance through dedicated ClearDesk team members. Additionally, scholars can seize networking opportunities to connect with ClearDesk professionals and engage in sponsored training and development programs.


Get help in finding the best scholarships, as well as advice and tips to win them!


Tools, advice, and resources to pay for any undergrad program.


Compare student loan rates or find the right repayment plan.

Donate & Become a Part

A gift of scholarships isn't just a donation, it is an investment in the goals and dreams of aspiring students!


Success Stories & Smiles

Warriors on Water Project

The goal of the Warriors on Water Dragonboat Team is to provide unconditional love and support to survivors and share a bond far beyond cancer. Warriors on Water organized a fundraising golf event to keep competing with heart and strength. We had the pleasure of sponsoring the event, which was a great success!


Let's Build Your Future

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