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You have been invited to this exclusive program!

Compass has partnered with ClearDesk, an international Virtual Assistant company, to help you streamline your business and find more time in your day. Introducing: The Compass Virtual Assistant Match Program!

Your Compass Assistant is
Fully-Trained in the Compass System

and can assist you with the following tasks:

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Administrative Tasks

  • Maintaining agent’s CRM

  • Managing agent’s pipeline in Business Tracker

  • Creating buyer and seller checklists

  • Monitoring Likely to Sell

  • Creating and managing agent tasks

  • Managing agent’s inbox and calendar

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Marketing & Social Media

  • Creating print and regular content via marketing Center

  • Managing social media accounts

  • Editing photo and video content

  • Designing newsletters, brochures, flyers, postcards, and flip books

  • Managing newsletter recipient lists

  • Managing drip campaigns via Action Plans

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Client Communication

  • Prospecting of agent’s client database via phone call, text or email

  • Creating CMAs for the past clients

  • Communicating with client in Collections

  • Creating and editing email templates via Messages

  • Scheduling open houses and showings

  • Coordinating with third-party service providers

Plan Options

The Compass Virtual Assistant Match Program includes the following:

All of our Remote Staff will have:

  • 4 Year College Degree

  • 2 Years Minimum Work Experience

  • Professional Real Estate Experience

All Compensation & Benefits included

Fully Trained in the Compass System

Fully Vetted:

  • Background Checks

  • Employment Verification

  • Skill Assessments

  • DISC Personality Test

Customer Success Manager

Virtual Assistant Rates

HR Manager + Account Manager

$2,500 per month

Full-Time Compass Assistant up to 40 hours per week ($13.88/hour)

$2,250 per month

6-month commitment at 10% discount up to 40 hours per week ($12.50/hour)

$1,950 per month

12-month commitment at 22% discount up to 40 hours per week ($10.83/hour)

NOTE: 10x10 Funds are eligible for this program!

Submit your invoice for the 10x10 reimbursement by using this form and selecting ClearDesk as the Coaching/VA Vendor. Please note, that only 10x10 members are eligible for Compass reimbursement.

Getting Started with your Compass Assistant

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After submitting your payment, you will be prompted to complete a quick onboarding questionnaire to help us understand your expectations for how your Compass Assistant can help you.


Schedule onboarding
& Kick-off

Meet your Compass Assistant! After completing your onboarding questionnaire, you will be prompted to schedule an onboarding call. During this call, we will review the best practices for getting started with your Compass Assistant. Additionally, you will schedule a kick-off call to meet your Compass Assistant and align your goals, create a schedule, and set expectations.

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