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James Shinbori

Very Happy and Supported with ClearDesk!

My business partner and I are very happy with ClearDesk and our Virtual Assistant. Jeff and Viannca at ClearDesk have gone above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction and success. They've provided exceptional service - we're heard and supported. Our VA is better than any VA or assistant we've worked with. Her training and skills with the Compass platform and CRM are difference makers for us. My business partner and I have highly recommended ClearDesk to many real estate agents. We look forward to continuing to work with our VA. We only wish we had found ClearDesk sooner.


Lori Docherty

ClearDesk Is The Best!

I worked with another VA company in the past and can say without hesitation that ClearDesk is a far better company. Moreover, my Virtual Assistant is amazing - very smart, professional, result-oriented, and really takes the initiative to learn our tools and systems. I cannot recommend them enough.


Ellen Grubert

Our VA

We are very appreciative of all of the feedback from your company. We like the detailed timesheets and the updates. We like our VA can do attitude. We know that we need to do a better job assigning tasks etc but we are so happy to have this additional help and support.



Wes Walker

I enjoyed the roundtable discussion…

I enjoyed the roundtable discussion with other Compass agents using ClearDesk. I like that ClearDesk is being open, vulnerable and transparent by letting the agents discuss openly with each other what’s working and what is not. It shows that their company truly wants to create the best experience for their clients.


Gabrielle Bunker

Pipeline Clean Up

Our new VA has been working diligently to clean up my old pipeline - this is the first task I am working with her on, and it's going great. She is following a call and email protocol I designed (this was a time investment of 5-6 hours on my end) and is implementing the plan perfectly with great feedback each day on modifications we need to make. I'm pleased with her work product and work ethic, as well as her communication. Separately, the customer service at ClearDesk is impeccable with easy access via email and phone and fast solutions to any of our concerns. Thanks everyone!


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