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10 Benefits of a Remote Real Estate Assistant

How valuable are remote real estate assistants to your agency business? Who are they, and what relevance do real estate virtual assistants bring to your agency business? No doubt, having an office manager or remote real estate assistant can ease work pressure. But, imagine what it feels like to attend to all calls or customers alone? Then, you end up with so much unfinished business that you feel drained most time. Well, all that stress is what hiring a remote real estate assistant will take away from you.

Who is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

Are you a real estate agent who works from home? Or do you have limited working space and cannot accommodate an in-office assistant? Then, the remote real estate assistant is your best bet. They serve as your office managers who work from home. Their roles may vary as the need demands. But a real estate virtual assistant is an individual with the skills to organize your office. So, you can hire their services only when you need them.

The real estate virtual assistant can help with client management, business development, and office management. But it all depends on what you need from a remote real estate assistant.

Reasons to Work with a Remote Real Estate Assistant

The real estate virtual assistant is independent staff that works from home. Virtual assistants mostly work as freelancers. Here are some regular activities of the remote real estate assistant:

  1. Developing and processing property listings.

  2. Schedule meetings with clients

  3. Processing clients transactions

  4. Coordinating online marketing efforts

  5. Updating information on the company website

  6. Email marketing and handling

  7. Appointment scheduling

  8. Email collection and verifications

  9. Social Media Marketing – Lead generation

  10. Business development and research

  11. Data entry

  12. Document and file management

  13. Transaction coordination

  14. Inspection and prospecting

Benefits of a Remote Real Estate Assistant

So, what are the benefits of a real estate virtual assistant? Let’s find out!

1. Better Time Management

There’s nothing as annoying as a wasted effort or time. Maybe it isn't a wasted effort. But you could spend the same time on other business-related tasks too. So, one of the incredible benefits of a remote real estate assistant is to save your time. Working solo means you are the foreman and manager at the same time. It limits what you can achieve each day.

From initiating deals to data entry and essential documentation all depends on you. That, I must say, is not a healthy way to do business. But with the V.A., you can multiply your effort in deliberate and exciting ways.

You can always delegate the small tasks that eat up the bulk of your time to the V.A. Then, you have more time to focus on what rakes in huge profits. Now, you could even have some more sleep or vacation time. I guess you know good rest means good business too?

2. Online Marketing Assistance

Social Media Marketing

Marketing is at the core of every progressive business. You cannot grow your real estate business without having a public face. Surfing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Trulia, Zillow, Meetup, and ActiveRain is a lot to do. That’s what makes social media campaigns demanding and time-consuming?

However, Virtual Assistants can find properties for lease/sell from different groups and potential customers. That extra V.A. eye can make all the difference in your final turnover.

Website Maintenance

A professional V.A. can help keep your website pages updated regularly. When new property listings arrive, the V.A. takes over. First, they add new listings and remove concluded deals from the site.

That's where a professional V.A. takes up the task to protect your business image.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is crucial for your business exploits. But there are many channels for collecting customer feedback, and it may take days to complete. So before you complete the process, you already have more waiting for you.

Let the remote real estate virtual assistant collate customer feedback and send out greetings. Then you can have more time to grow the business.

Digital Marketing Strategy

A successful real estate business must engage customers regularly about property listing. A professional real estate virtual assistant will help plan your digital marketing strategy. They will send out emails and social media campaigns of new/ old properties. In addition, V.A.s can create videos and flyers to promote your business listings.

3. Reduced Financial Burden

No Full-time Pay

Hiring a full-time assistant means fixed monthly wages. But with the real estate virtual assistant, you only have to pay per hour. So you can pick the number of hours per day or week you need the V.A. services. And that's the only time you have to pay; nothing more or less.

No Recurrent Cost

When you hire full-time employees, you must face the burden of overhead costs. Hiring a full-time staff means monthly wages, tax, payroll, recruitment cost, and staff training.

However, having a real estate virtual assistant takes away tax, payroll, and other running costs. Your only responsibility is to pay per hour or project. If you decide to give any benefit, that would be up to you; no hassles.

The process is more straightforward whenever you decide to disengage the V.A. service. No paperwork or disengagement fee.

The virtual assistant takes care of the cost of equipment purchase and maintenance. So, no running cost on a computer, internet connectivity, or other office supplies. Do you work as a remote real estate agent too? Then it means no office rent and more. So, it's a win-win for everyone!

Staff on-Demand

Recruiting a full-time staff comes with additional costs and processes. But you can hire a virtual assistant by signing up on an online platform. Next, you can pick from a list of qualified real estate virtual assistants.

So, when you get into your peak season, you can hire a temporal real estate assistant. Then, in minutes you have your V.A.; fast and easy.

Leverage VA Skills

Remote real estate assistants understand their stock-in-trade. A professional freelance real estate virtual assistant must have developed the skills needed for your business. Employing such professionals help you leverage their skills to grow your business.

Thus, are you having issues understanding social media marketing or website management? Well, let the remote real estate assistant take the stress off you! The good part is that you can hire V.A. for short, medium, or long-term contracts. Also, you can employ V.A. with an accounting background and more. Your needs will determine the type of real estate virtual assistant to hire.

Research, Development and Increased Productivity

Businesses grow with proper research and implementation of business goals. Likewise, an organized company will experience increased productivity with impressive marketing and customer relations. That's what the real estate virtual assistant brings to the table.

Working with a V.A. saves time and increases productivity. Real estate virtual assistants can carry out social media campaigns while you close the deal. They can file records and research while you take clients out for inspection. It is a partnership that works!

The whole process of social media campaigns, customer feedback, customer management will grow your business faster. Since they take up even the smaller tasks, you can concentrate on the main business.

An incredible remote real estate assistant understands how to research to gather relevant data. They can get property listings, reach prospective clients or maintain existing customers. Understanding market or property trends can increase customer trust. And your V.A. knows how to source for and build these trends for prospecting.

Improved Communication

It takes critical efforts to manage customer calls. But the dedicated remote real estate assistant can take the stress off you. They call prospective clients and follow up on appointments.

The V.A. monitors contract documents, customer feedback, and social media campaigns.

Hiring a remote real estate assistant can improve communication by up to 80 percent. That can also lead to an improved key performance index, which means business growth.

Tips on Hiring a Real Estate Assistant

· Please register a new email strictly for tracking applications. It makes it easier to organize the recruitment process.

· Speak with colleagues or friends to recommend remote real estate assistants if they know any.

· You can find dedicated and reliable freelancers on job boards like

· Post real estate virtual assistant job search on your Facebook page. Friends can share or make recommendations for you.

· Please source for likely interview questions before hiring a real estate virtual assistant

· It is an excellent idea to learn about V.A. recruitment and hiring policies to serve as a guide.

How to Know If You are Ready for Real Estate Virtual Assistant Hiring

· Your workload has become far more than one person can handle daily.

· Your income base has increased, and you can comfortably pay for more helping hands.

· It's time to relinquish some of your powers to work effectiveness.

There are primarily two types of remote real estate agents; licensed and unlicensed. The unlicensed real estate agent has no formal training or certification. Such agents can only handle basic administrative tasks.

However, a licensed real estate virtual assistant is a professional with explicit knowledge of agency operations. The state permits these experts to function as real estate assistants. That means they can prepare listings, sales contracts, and other legal documents.

A licensed real estate agent understands the rudiments of prospecting for clients and sealing deals. However, you can tell that licensed remote real estate agents charge higher.

Are you having a pile-up of uncompleted tasks? How about having a professional real estate virtual assistant do the job?

What particular task do you need the Real Estate Virtual Assistant to execute?

Now is your chance to build the real estate business of your dream!

Trust ClearDesk Real Estate Virtual Assistant to get the job done from general administrative duties to marketing and client management!

ClearDesk Virtual Assistants undergo regular training to meet real estate industry standards. We will help you stay organized and ready to close every property deal! Please speak with our Virtual Customer Support personnel today for inquiries and booking!


If you're ready to learn more about Remote Talent, please fill out the form below!



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