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Sourcing the Top 1%
of Offshore Talent

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The Right Remote Team For You. Always.

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Specialized Talent

Perfectly matched

Screened, trained, & onboarded


Diverse talent pool

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Easily Scalable

Scalable up or down as needed

Your hours, your timezone


24/7 coverage

We help both small and big businesses leverage with the help of incredible outsourced talent. Whether you need one professional or a team, we will match you with the right talent for your business!

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Cost Saving

Save up to 70%

Benefits included

No setup fees

and more!

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No Risk

No contract necessary

7-day money-back guarantee

HR Manager & Customer Success

Manager included

Billed monthly

Partners that trust us 

to build their remote teams:

Used by people who work at,

or have worked at, companies like:

We work with startups backed

by the world's best investors:

Leverage your Team, Get Instant Results

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● Lead generation ● Lead touch & qualification ● Appointment setting ● Cold calling ● Prospecting ● Client nurturing ● Follow-up emails & phone calls ● Clean up and manage any CRM such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, etc.

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● Manage calendars ● Set appointments ● Organize emails ● Respond to emails ● Follow up emails ● Handle phone calls ● Provide admin support ● Research and gather information ● Manage projects ● Coordinate travel ● Create and/or refine SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedure)

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● Set up stores on platforms like Shopify, Walmart, Amazon, etc. ● Assist in a new product sourcing ● Initiate or refine product listing ● Handle inventory management ● Manage order management and fulfillment ● Provide shipment tracking ● Handle customer service ● Manage customer reviews process ● Handle CRM and project management ● Research and gather information

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Service Assistant

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● Answer client requests via phone, email and social media ● Monitor inbox ● Fill out request forms ● Set appointments ● Experience with customer support software like Zendesk ● Experience with dialers such as Dialpad, Ring Central, Mojo, etc. ● Provide admin support ● Handle research and gather information ● Organize and maintain client databases or CRM platforms such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho, etc. ● Manage ticketing system

● Create social media profiles ● Plan a social media content calendar ● Execute the plan of daily or weekly posts ● Help build a digital network (followers and clients) ● Respond to social media inquiries ● Manage groups, ads, content, and outreach for social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, etc. ● Setup and manage planning platforms such as Hootsuite, Later or Buffer ● Experience with Canva

● Handle prospecting, client nurturing, and appointment setting ● Manage, create, and edit contracts, addendums, etc. ● Schedule showings and send calendar invites ● Perform client follow-ups post showings, etc. ● Manage and deliver documents to clients on platforms such as ZipForms and DocuSign ● Gather documentation, chasing signatures, and use checklists to keep deals on track ● Manage inspections and other service providers ● Send gifts and thank you card to clients ● Answer and return phone calls ● Answer client questions ● Provide electronic file management and organization

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Human Resource/

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● Handle talent sourcing ● Recruit through platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. ● Screen and assess applications ● Manage applicant pipeline ● Perform reference check ● Coordinate interviews ● Handle new hire onboarding ● Streamline processes ● Build job descriptions ● Manage job boards ● Build documentation of employee benefits and compensation ● Support HR training programs, workshops, and seminars

● Process and prepare invoices and bills ● Record financial transactions like payments and adjustments ● Analyze financial transactions ● Post entries to ledger accounts ● Reconcile banks accounts ● Use of platforms such as Quickbooks ● Manage expense reports

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● Conduct legal research ● Draft legal documents such as contracts, agreements, etc. ● Maintain case files ● Schedule appointments, court dates, etc. ● Client communication ● Administrative support ● Organize materials for case review ● Prepare case summaries and pleadings ● Monitor and obtain discovery responses ● Prepare and file discovery requests ● Schedule depositions ● Prepare and forward summonses and subpoenas

● Coordinate caregivers schedule (regular & on-call) ● Manage ClearCare System ● Ensure patient satisfaction ● Manage all inquiries ● Troubleshoot issues with appointments ● Coordinate with patients, patients families, caregivers to ensure the highest quality care

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Our Partner's Results

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Our Pricing

Specialized Talent

$2,250 to $2,500/month

40 hours per week

Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses who need:

  1. Lead Generation & Sales Assistant

  2. Customer Service Assistant

  3. Marketing & Social Media

  4. Real Estate Assistant

  5. Executive Assistant

  6. Human Resource/Recruiter

  7. Bookkeeping Assistant

  8. Legal Assistant

  9. Ecommerce Assistant

  10. Scheduling Assistant

  • $2,500 each | 1 Remote Team Member

  • $2,250 each | 2+ Remote Team Members

Expert Talent

$3,500 to $4,500/month

40 hours per week

Ideal for businesses who need expert remote talent:

  1. CAD Drafters

  2. Media Buyers

  3. Medical Auditors

  4. Do you need a custom solution or expert with a specific set of skills? 

  • $3,500 to $4,500 | 1 Remote Team Member

Ideal for businesses who need one or multiple teams of talent

10+ Team Members

Enterprise Team Talent

Custom Pricing

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Within ~14 business days, ClearDesk goes through an intensive process to choose your remote team members to find the perfect fit for your business.


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