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Looking for the top 1%
of Offshore Talent?

Yes, 1%. Not a typo!

What are you looking to do with ClearDesk?
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The Right Remote Team For You. Always.

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Specialized Talent

Perfectly matched

Screened, trained, & onboarded


Diverse talent pool

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Easily Scalable

Scalable up or down as needed

Your hours, your timezone


24/7 coverage

We help both small and big businesses leverage with the help of incredible outsourced talent. Whether you need on professional or a team, we will match you with the right talent for your business!

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Cost Saving

Save up to 70%

Benefits included

No setup fees

and more!

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No Risk

No contract necessary

7-day money-back guarantee

HR Manager & Customer Success

Manager included

Billed monthly

Partners that trust us 

to build their remote teams:

Used by people who work at,

or have worked at, companies like:

We work with startups backed

by the world's best investors:

Leverage your Team, Get Instant Results

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Lead Generation & Sales Assistant

  • Appointment Setting

  • Cold Calling

  • Prospecting

  • Client Nurturing

  • CRM Maintenance

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Administrative Support

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Real Estate Assistant

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Creative Support

  • Customer Support through phone and email

  • Database Management

  • Appointment Setting

  • Executive Assistance

  • Client Nurturing

  • Schedule Showings

  • Gather Documentation

  • Contract Management

  • CRM Maintenance

  • Graphic Design

  • Social Media Management

  • Copy Writing

  • Content Creation

Ready to Get Started?

We go through an intensive onboarding process to match you with the right remote team for your business needs.

Contact Us + Sign up


It's so simple. Same-day sign-up, no contracts involved, and pay as you go!


You're Almost There!

You will meet your remote team members, and set goals and expectations with the help of our customer success manager! 


We start the
Matching Process

Within 10 business days, ClearDesk goes through an intensive process to choose your remote team members to find the perfect fit for your business.


Made It!

Your ClearDesk team is ready, let's succeed together.

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