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The Best Online Calling Systems for Remote Teams: A Comprehensive Guide to Setup

In the era of remote work, effective communication is crucial for the success of any remote team. Online calling systems have become essential tools for teams to stay connected, collaborate seamlessly, and maintain productivity. With a plethora of options available, it's important to choose the right online calling system that suits your team's needs. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best online calling systems and provide a step-by-step guide on how to set them up for your remote team.

1. Zoom

Zoom has gained immense popularity as a reliable and feature-rich online calling system. Here's how to set it up for your remote team:

a. Sign up for a Zoom account: Visit the Zoom website ( and sign up for an account. Choose the appropriate plan based on your team's size and requirements.

b. Download the Zoom application: Download and install the Zoom application on your computer or mobile device. Zoom supports various platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

c. Schedule and host meetings: Use the Zoom application to schedule and host online meetings. Share the meeting details, including the meeting ID and password, with your team members.

d. Utilize features: Familiarize yourself with Zoom's features, such as screen sharing, virtual backgrounds, breakout rooms, and recording capabilities, to enhance collaboration during online meetings.

2. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive collaboration platform that includes online calling features. Here's how to set it up for your remote team:

a. Sign up for Microsoft Teams: If you don't already have a Microsoft Teams account, visit the Microsoft Teams website ( and sign up for free or choose a paid plan that suits your team's needs.

b. Download and install Microsoft Teams: Download and install the Microsoft Teams application on your preferred device. It is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

c. Create teams and channels: Organize your remote team by creating teams and channels within Microsoft Teams. This allows for easy collaboration and communication within specific groups.

d. Initiate and join meetings: Use Microsoft Teams to schedule and host online meetings. You can invite team members, share meeting links, and join meetings directly from the application.

e. Explore additional features: Microsoft Teams offers features like chat, file sharing, task management, and integration with other Microsoft tools. Take advantage of these features to enhance productivity and teamwork.

3. Google Meet

Google Meet, a part of Google Workspace, provides a user-friendly and efficient online calling solution. Here's how to set it up for your remote team:

a. Sign up for Google Workspace: If your team doesn't already have a Google Workspace account, sign up for a subscription plan that includes Google Meet.

b. Access Google Meet: Once you have a Google Workspace account, you can access Google Meet directly from your Google account or via the Google Meet website (

c. Schedule and start meetings: Use Google Meet to schedule and start online meetings. You can generate meeting links and invite team members through email or calendar invitations.

d. Utilize collaboration features: Google Meet seamlessly integrates with other Google tools like Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Google Docs. Leverage these features to collaborate effectively during online meetings.

e. Explore advanced options: Google Meet offers additional features, such as live captions, screen sharing, and breakout rooms. Familiarize yourself with these options to maximize the capabilities of the platform.

Online calling systems are indispensable for remote teams, facilitating communication, collaboration, and connectivity. By selecting the right online calling system and following the setup steps outlined in this guide, you can empower your remote team to communicate effectively and work together seamlessly. Whether you choose Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or any other platform, prioritize the needs of your team and leverage the features and functionalities provided to optimize productivity and success in the remote work environment.


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