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Maximize Your Hiring Success with Our Premier Recruiting Assistants!

Enhance Your Recruitment Process with ClearDesk's Premier Assistance! Our expert team ensures seamless coordination of interviews, candidate communication, and logistical support, freeing you to focus on strategic hiring decisions. Trust ClearDesk to optimize your operations and achieve outstanding results.

Your Remote Recruiting
Assistant is Fully-Trained

and can assist you with the following tasks:

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Utilize Recruitment Platforms

Efficiently leverage recruitment platforms such as Indeed, Paradox, PreIntent, etc.

Screen and Assess Applications

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Thoroughly screen and assess applications for optimal matching with client needs.

Build Job Descriptions

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Craft detailed job descriptions tailored to specific positions for each client and company.

Manage Application Pipeline

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Manage the application pipeline to ensure timely processing and candidate engagement.

Perform Reference Checks

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Conduct thorough reference checks to verify candidate qualifications and suitability for roles.

Coordinate Interviews

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Effectively schedule and coordinate candidate interviews.

Handle New Hire Onboarding

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Manage onboarding processes for new hires for a more streamlined process.

Support HR Training Programs

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Facilitate HR training program support for the company the recruiting assistant is assigned to.

Our Remote Talent Program Includes

Experienced & Educated Virtual Assistants:

  • College Educated

  • 2 Years Minimum Work Experience

  • Professional Remote Talent Experience

All Compensation & Benefits Included

Tax-Deductible Expense

Fully Vetted:

  • Background Checks

  • Employment Verification

  • Skill Assessments

  • DISC Personality Test

HR Manager

Customer Success Manager

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Specialized Support

$2,250 to $2,500/month

$2,500 each |

1 Remote Team Member

$2,250 each |

2+ Remote Team Members

Expert Support

$3,500 to $4,500/month

$3,500 to $4,500 each |

1 Remote

Team Member

Enterprise Team Talent

Custom Pricing

Ideal for businesses who need

one or multiple teams of talent

10+ Team Members

Contact us for custom pricing

Here's How To Get Started
with Your 
Recruiting Assistant

Contact Us + Sign up


First, book a call with us so we can learn about your remote team needs. Next, sign-up for how many team members you need.


Onboarding Questionnaire & Call

After submitting your payment, you will be prompted to complete a quick onboarding questionnaire to help us understand your expectations and book your onboarding call. During this call, we will review your answers to ensure we find the right assistant for you.


Kick-Off Call

Meet your assistant! During the Kick-Off call, you can align your goals, create a schedule, and set expectations with your new staff with the help of our Customer Success Manager! 

See What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

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James Shinbori
Helene Barkin
Wes Walker
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Wes Walker

Get Your Perfect Match

Take the first step towards building your remote team with ClearDesk. Our team of professionals is here to help you find the perfect remote talent who will meet all your needs and exceed your expectations. With our expertise and personalized match program, we will ensure that you are paired with remote talent who are not only highly skilled but also the right fit for your business. Get started with a call today.

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