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ClearDesk Announces Launch of Their Franchise Assist Platform

ClearDesk, a leader in back-office outsourcing, has launched Franchise Assist to help franchises hire trained staff and scale easily

SAN DIEGO, November 1, 2022 ( - ClearDesk, a leader in business process outsourcing for small and medium growth businesses, has launched a new program called Franchise Assist. The program is designed for franchisors to help their franchisees "scale and save" with back-office outsourcing solutions.

"What makes this program unique is our franchisors are able to leverage a platform on which we train teams of people specifically to the systems and processes of the franchise and then the franchisee can use our people as a service solution to quickly scale trained team members up or down with the click of a button," said Jeff Amon, partner and Chief Revenue Officer of ClearDesk.

ClearDesk has built a recruiting and training platform that has allowed it to leverage a distributed workforce of tens of thousands of people. Layered onto this talented workforce is a bespoke training system customized to the systems, software, and processes of each franchise. "When we work collaboratively with the franchisor, it allows us to create a scalable solution that can quickly be offered to every franchisee to help them scale and save," said Amon. ClearDesk has worked with numerous franchisors to launch this program successfully.

The Franchise Assist program is perfect for almost all non-food franchises from insurance, retail, service-based companies to real estate brokerages and financial firms. The program can be leveraged and set up by the franchisor as well as the individual franchise. To learn more about Franchise Assist, please visit the Franchise Assist home page here.

About ClearDesk

ClearDesk is a business process outsourcing firm specializing in sales, customer service, and real estate back-office solutions. At ClearDesk, we help both small and big businesses leverage with the help of incredible outsourced talent and build remote teams at very affordable rates. ClearDesk is headquartered in San Diego with back-office teams in Latin America, Philippines, and India.

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