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Lunge Marketing
Success Story


Lunge Marketing Success Story

The importance and benefits of outsourcing creative e-commerce positions in an expensive, strained talent pool.


How consumers shop changed forever with the creation of platforms like Amazon. Therefore, businesses had to adjust too, and agencies like Lunge Marketing were created to help them maximize sales online without becoming e-commerce experts.

Trisha Hubbard, the co-owner of Lunge Marketing, was having trouble addressing the increasing demand since it was challenging to hire creative e-com professionals due to the current state of the labor market:

  • Limited talent pool of graphic designers and copywriters with the expertise and skills to create and upload A+ content to platforms like Amazon.

  • Few professionals had full-time availability. Most qualified candidates want to be hired as freelancers, which challenges teamwork, consistency, and quality.

  • The best professionals have high salary and benefits expectations that would impact the company’s bottom line.


Given these challenges, Lunge Marketing approached ClearDesk to find a solution. After an initial discovery call, we identified the main objectives of the e-commerce agency:

ClearDesk Case Study  Lunge Marketing (1).png
ClearDesk Case Study  Lunge Marketing (1).png

Find qualified talent at the right cost that can grow with the company to provide the best services to its clients.

Integrate the professionals with the Lunge Marketing team's processes, tools, and culture.


We decided the best approach to address to Lunge Marketing’s new demand was to hire three graphic designers and one copywriter. We worked with Trisha and her team to build a criteria list for both positions considering the following:  

ClearDesk Case Study  Lunge Marketing (2).png

We trained and screened 521 candidates. Through this extensive process, we identified three graphic designers and one copywriter to join the ClearDesk Strong Start Program to prepare for Lunge.


Within ten business days, Trisha, Fati, Jill, and Bianca were hired and onboarded by ClearDesk. They were prepared and excited to be a part of a high-growth company in the growing e-commerce services industry.


ClearDesk Case Study  Lunge Marketing (2).png


Seamless Integration

The four professionals were immediately immersed in the business.

Their eagerness to learn and use Lunge's selected tools for project management and their communication was a key to their success.

Their supervisors, the Head of Marketing and the Brand Manager, can communicate and assign tasks to the graphic designers and the copywriter through Slack and, as they do with their in-person team members.

Cost Savings

ClearDesk Case Study  Lunge Marketing (1).png

Content and Service

Lunge Marketing didn’t have to sacrifice value and talent for cost. The quality of the content is as good or even better than before. The team is thoroughly trained to produce and upload A+ quality content to platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more.

Optimized for Growth

As the company grows, Trisha knows she can count on ClearDesk to keep expanding her team with perfectly match talent in ONLY 10 BUSINESS DAYS.

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