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Top-Producing Massachusetts Real Estate Team Success Story

The Success Story

The importance and benefits of outsourcing real estate support for a team of multiple agents


The Top-Producing Massachusetts Real Estate Team, led by a Managing Director, comprises a talented team of real estate professionals who excel in property sales. 


To maintain smooth operations in the group, each agent took on management and administrative-related responsibilities such as listing coordination, marketing, and operations. The problem was ...

CHALLENGE 1: Agents found it difficult to balance tasks while focusing on property sales.

In an effort to streamline the agents' responsibilities, the team attempted to hire in-person assistants to handle administrative tasks. However...

CHALLENGE 2: The group struggled with: 

a. A limited talent pool of qualified candidates for the role.

b. Few professionals with full-time availability.

Therefore, this real estate team sought out to ClearDesk to help them achieve their goals:

_            .png


Roadmap to Success

We worked with this group to understand their needs and build the candidate criteria.

_         (1).png

We identified Rob, an executive assistant with 2 years of real estate experience with a US-based agent. He is also a college graduate with 8 years of experience as a call center team leader.

_         (2).png

Rob was hired by ClearDesk and within 10 days he passed our Real Estate Training Program with high remarks. He was prepared and excited to join this real estate group on its mission to cultivate vibrant communities through real estate services!


Rob’s efforts in his first 5 months at this real estate group has resulted in significant achievements and improvements!

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