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Compass Assistant
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Compass VA Match Program?

Compass heard from you that you wanted more options for virtual support and moved fast to create relationships with ClearDesk, a renowned Real Estate favorite with years of experience working with Compass agents.

How will I get matched?

We customized a thorough onboarding process which will include a survey and 1:1 interview with the Chief Sales Officer from ClearDesk. Armed with a deeper understanding of you and your business, your CA will be hand-picked to suit your needs.

How do I sign up?

Currently, this will be a limited release program (first come, first serve), but as demand increases, so will our offerings. Should we sell out of all of our available seats, you will be placed on a waitlist until the next round.

What makes ClearDesk different?

  • We are fully trained in the Compass Platform - We require all of our assistants to go through a thorough Compass System training and pass multiple assessments to become certified Compass Assistants.

  • We have NO long-term contract - We have to earn your business each month!

  • We have NO setup fee - Zero!

  • Highly educated talent - Our candidates are 4-year college degree educated, at a minimum, and have professional Real Estate experience.

  • We get you the BEST FIT for skills, experience, and personality - While anyone can outsource or hire a body directly, it is not the same service we are providing. Simply put, we make getting the "right fit" to support your business EASY. We do the heavy lifting on human resources and match the perfect assistant just for you. We created a "plug and play" operation.

  • We professionally vet each of our assistants - Our professional HR staff puts candidates through a 4 stage interview process, background checks, employment verifications, and skill assessments. We also do a DISC personality test on every single candidate! We will sign NDA and Hippa compliance forms for any clients who request them.

  • We guarantee it - If you don't like your assistant, we replace them for free!

  • We walk the talk - We have worked with numerous real estate agents (including Compass!) and would be happy to provide you with some of our testimonials.

How much is a full-time assistant?

We aim to provide first-class support at a competitive rate. Here’s how our fee breaks down:

  • Full Time Compass Assistant = $2,500 per month for up to 40 hours per week ($13.88/hr)

  • 6 month commitment = 10% discount, $2,250 per month up to 40 hours per week ($12.50/hr)

  • 12 month commitment = 22% discount, $1,950 per month up to 40 hours per week ($10.83/hr)

+Note, this price will not increase upon completion of the program.

Will it take me a lot of time to onboard my VA?

We invested our time to prepare your Compass Assistant for onboarding so that you could save yours! All of our Compass Assistants must complete 15 hours of Compass training, in addition to passing written, role play, and CRM assessments.

Will the Virtual Assistant be able to access my systems?

Yes, your Compass Assistant will not only have access to the Compass system, but they can also gain access to any other systems you would like them to use.

What if I want to share my Virtual Assistant with another agent in my office?

You may share your Compass Assistant with another agent in your office, however, you must sign up under one payable for a full-time assistant. You will be responsible for coordinating how the assistant’s time and tasks will be divided.

Where are the Compass Assistants being hired from?

All Compass Assistants are from The Philippines. They have a professional background in real estate and have been certified in our real estate training and our Compass training as well.

How much do Compass Assistants know about Real Estate?

All Compass Assistants have prior US-based real estate backgrounds in addition to our certification in the compass system they receive.

Can you choose your Compass Assistant? What happens if you don't like your assistant?

The Compass Assistant is matched based on profile and agent location. If the agent is not happy with the match, we will immediately replace that CA with a new match.

Once onboarded, what resources do they have? Are they on their own?

Every Compass Assistant has an internal team lead and trainer that they have real-time access to for any questions. In addition, they are part of a 10-person team of other Compass Assistants with whom they can consult.

Do you pay month to month? Is there a time/period commitment?

It is a month-to-month commitment - payment is charged at the beginning of each month.

Do they go through a DISC assessment?

Yes, every Compass Assistant takes a DISC assessment.

How will the Compass-certified assistant be different from others trained in the compass platform?

ClearDesk has built a Compass-approved training program collaboratively with the success team from Compass. This sets ClearDesk apart and ensures the highest level of success for the agents.

What if I want a refund?

ClearDesk will make every effort to ensure your satisfaction and will work with you to make the most out of your Compass Assistant relationship. Should you choose to not move forward with your Compass Assistant, you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. No refunds will be given.

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