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Compass Task List

Administrative Tasks

  1. Merging duplicates within the CRM

  2. Updating CRM with information from social media platforms (birthdays, familial status, anniversaries, etc.)

  3. Organizing, grouping, and updating contacts via the “Organize” button in Contacts

  4. Email organization: unsubscribing, creating filters, labels, and saving contacts from email into the CRM

  5. Gathering client reviews with a pre-approved template

  6. Exporting contacts into a spreadsheet to identify information gaps

  7. Ensuring contacts are up-to-date to optimize "Likely to Sell" (ongoing)

  8. Reviewing tagging and grouping conventions

  9. Enabling autostart for action plans for new leads

  10. Sending email reminders for collections and Compass invites

  11. Organizing files in Dropbox or Google Drive (create folders and upload files)

  12. Documenting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all business processes

  13. Ensuring all past clients are on action plans or drip campaigns

  14. Monitoring "Likely to Sell" and ensuring contacts are on action plans

  15. Scheduling reminders on the client’s calendar to call Likely to Sell contact.

  16. Creating CMAs for new and past clients

  17. Tagging & creating contacts

  18. Inputting home anniversary dates

  19. Uploading farming spreadsheets provided by your title company to the CRM and ensuring they are tagged appropriately for targeted newsletters

  20. Creating and managing Compass checklists via Business Tracker

  21. Property management coordination

  22. Taking minutes for your meetings

  23. Managing your vendor list (painters, roofers, plumbers, mortgage lenders, etc.)

  24. Making travel arrangements (booking hotels and flights)

  25. Managing personal life and personal errands (purchasing gifts for loved ones/family members online), managing and organizing online files (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)

  26. Schedule management (appointments, showings, inspections, tours, open houses, calls)

  27. Inputting notes from broker tours into your database

  28. Managing Asana, Trello,, and other project management apps

  29. Storing receipts for tax write-offs

  30. Validating proof of ownership through county appraiser records or tax records

  31. Inputting listings into MLS

  32. Setting up MLS notifications for when a user favorites a property

  33. Scheduling inspections and other service providers

  34. Tracking feedback from showings

  35. Building a tracker to monitor all lockbox codes

  36. Listing appointment packet creation

  37. Sending appointment notes/gifts/thank-you cards

  38. Assembling buyer consultation materials (buyer questionnaires, market pamphlets of the neighborhood)

  39. Daily appointment confirmations/appointment reminders for buyers

  40. Creating an open house event and open house sign-in form with a QR code

  41. Emailing weekly seller updates

Marketing Tasks

42. Planning a social media calendar (start by planning one week in advance, provide feedback, and build up from there)
43. Following contacts on Instagram and joining related Facebook groups
44. Creating mailing lists in the CRM for farming (Just Sold and Just Listed)
45. Creating agent lists for e-blasts
46. Preparing slideshows (PowerPoint or SlideShare presentations)
47. Sending out holiday/birthday cards to clients (click2mail, ClickSend, Postable, etc.)
48. Managing a brand kit (folder with logos, style guide, copy guidelines, fonts, brand colors, headshots, etc.)
49. Refining your brand guidelines with this ChatGPT prompt: ​Extract the brand tone and voice from [your website or Instagram URL] and create a brand guidelines document to ensure future content follows those guidelines.
50. Profile management (updating Facebook Business Page, Instagram, LinkedIn, MLS, Zillow,, Google Business Page, etc.)
51. Creating content (posts, stories, captions, infographics, guides, newsletters, etc.)
52. Responding to Google reviews, private social media messages, mentions, and comments on posts
53. Gathering client reviews for social media, website, Zillow,, and Google Business Page
54. Building a Google Business Page strategy to improve SEO ranking by consistently uploading content
55. Creating Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly newsletters
56. Re-purposing newsletters for social media content and blog posts
57. Writing blog posts
58. Creating a concise IG bio that highlights a unique selling point and call-to-action
59. Optimizing IG link in bio with Linktree
60. Maintaining and updating your website/liaising with the company in charge of your website
61. Building a buyer persona in a target market (examine past clients: income, life stage, familial status, age, motivation, etc.)
62. Expanding sphere of influence by joining Facebook groups
63. Designing postcards, fliers, and flipbooks
64. Creating market snapshots/market reports
65. Monthly market update video blasts
66. Photo/video editing with trending audio
67. Growing an organic following (engaging with other users and posts)
68. Directly reaching out to new followers with a templated message
69. Surveying followers individually to gauge what content of yours is helpful
70. Uploading podcasts to YouTube and TikTok
71. Researching relevant hashtags (niche to general)
72. Creating story highlights from archived stories
73. Adding keyword tags to your YouTube channel
74. Creating marketing materials for new listings
75. Creating branded buyer and seller checklists

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