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Compass Best Practices

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Compass Agent Best Practices
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Establish a Work Schedule & Method of Communication

  • We strongly recommend that your CA work your hours to allow for faster communication and seamless collaboration. 

  • If you prefer your CA work different hours than you (flexi-time), we highly recommend you meet once a week at minimum to align on tasks and discuss blockers. 

  • Apart from email, we recommend that you use a messaging app such as WhatsApp, Slack, or Google Chat to communicate with your CA in real-time.

Train your Compass Assistant to be Self Sufficient

  • Create/teach your business Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Let your CA know how you prefer things to be done.

  • Utilize GoogleMeet, screen sharing, and/or recorded videos for effective training.

  • The Rule of 5: 

  1. Show your assistant the process of completing the task from start to finish via shadowing 

  2. Do the task together

  3. Begin to let your assistant take the reigns

  4. Observe your assistant completing the task

  5. Assistant masters the task

Communicate the Scope of Work & Set Expectations

  • Create a daily or weekly task list for your CA. 

    • Set acceptance criteria.

      • State the criteria that must be met to deem a task complete. 

    • Have a discussion about how long the task should take to complete. 

      • “Planning Poker” - Ask your CA how long they think the task should take them to complete. After your CA shares their expected timeframe, you would do the same. This activity helps to create alignment on how long tasks should take to complete & provides clarity. 

  • Schedule a quick daily morning meeting for task setting and reporting. 

  • Communicate long-term projects that your CA can work on after accomplishing their daily tasks.

  • Ask your CA if anything is unclear to them and provide clarity as needed.

Track your Compass Assistant's Performance

  • Your CA will send you daily reports at the end of each shift to summarize their completed tasks, the total time spent, and any issues that need your attention. We recommend that you review these reports daily to ensure you can address any blockers early on.

  • Create a system to visualize your work.

    • You may want to utilize a project management tool like Trello, Asana, or Monday to keep track of tasks assigned to your CA.

    • If you prefer not to use a project management tool, you may want to consider sharing a Google Doc or Google Sheet.

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